MYFIREPLACE: The one and only; amazing ambience created immediately in any room. Sounds and looks so great that I start relaxing within 10 minutes. Amazing and no ashes to clean up or wood to buy. So real that you'll start to feel warm.

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Reviewer: Todd Graham from Atlanta, Georgia USA

I live in a condo without a fireplace, I found this a novel approach to use for my last party. As a decorator, I appreciate the warm sensual atmosphere and ambiance it creates. The best part is no mess, no fuss, no muss or logs to purchase! It's the perfect backdrop for a guests and for a lark at my next gathering of friends, I am going to provide marshmallows for everyone to toast.


Reviewer: Eddie Tolle from Kentucky USA

I had never even seen a virtual fireplace film before, but at my niece's birthday party (she's 2) my brother had "My Fireplace" playing on his TV instead of the real thing. You really can't have a real fire in the room with 10 2-and 3 year olds running around. Well, after about the first hour I completely forgot it was only playing on the TV! It seemed so real everyone (including the children) even cozied up around it as the party went on. After the party ended, I borrowed the DVD from my brother and played it on my bedroom's plasma screen as I fell asleep. To say it was nice doesn't express my true opinion. You can almost feel the heat rising away from the flames on the screen. I've really missed having a fireplace in my own home for so long and finally I have an excellent replacement! Thank You FireplaceDVD


Reviewer: James G. Herrmann from Marina del Rey, California

I first saw this video in a beautiful Malibu home for a very stylish birthday event. There they had a really nice real fireplace, but used this DVD instead! During a party, this is a great thing to have playing in the background because you don't have to keep getting logs or worry about sparks popping out on the carpet. The colors in this video are very vivid and sharp and the fire sounds are very clear and crisp. This DVD will be great for my boat where real fire is too dangerous. It's a continuous two-hour tape, so you would have to be pretty observant to see the loop. I have not seen the other fireplace video in this section of Amazon, but after reading their reviews, I'm definitely glad I got this one. I am sure the production company that made this DVD will probably raise their prices as more of these reviews come in, so I would pick up one for yourself, and a few for gifts before they figure it out.

James Bond's Best Fireplace / Atmosphere DVD!!!, January 4, 2004


Reviewer: A viewer from Louisville, KY USA

I agree with the guy from Nashville. This is the best in quality of any tape or DVD of it's kind. Nothing else looks so real that you're not embarrassed to show it to your girlfriend. If it were hokey or cheesey I wouldn't put it on durring a date. Expensive wine, my livingroom, dimmed lights, and my girl, all demands....FLARE! Very slick! It looks and sounds so real. It's the best reason I have to turn down the lights and watch the light from the flames reflect off of my girlfiend's face and the wine glasses. This is my 'James Bond' tape. If 007 wanted to create some mood while flying on his private jet, this is the fire that would play across his plasma screen. Can a fire be called classy? It's Great.

The Most 'FAB' Fireplace Video/DVD on the Market!, January 3, 2004


Reviewer: J Edward Gibson from Nashville, TN United States

Quality! Really smooth production quality. AND for less money than inferior tapes and DVDs out there! Unlike some other videos this has excellent vibrancy in the color of the flames, clean sound with crisp crackling of the logs. The digital mastering is absolutely beautiful. This is a peaceful, soothing fireplace that burns for two full hours. The best 'atmosphere tape' I own.

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